New Week- Monday’s

End of the day. Finally, case of the Monday’s, over. Just take all the stress, headaches, and frustration from today’s back-to-reality attitude, and turn it into something positive. Use it to strive for a better week to come. Be appreciative and thankful that you have work, even if it gives you headaches; that you have an education, even if it stresses you out; that you have loved ones who are always on your back, even if they frustrate you. Have a better attitude tomorrow. And if you’ve had a good day today, remember that positivity tomorrow. Don’t start a week happy and end it poorly, and if it started poorly, end it happy. The point is, don’t let the word “Monday” ruin everything; pretend it’s Friday, everyone loves a Friday. Don’t label the days of the week, because it’s little things like that that throw off your mood and put bad vibes in your head.

Be happy, be great, and be positive. I truly hope the rest of the week is a great as you make it.

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