New Mom Alert!

Still so weird to say… I’m going to be a mom! I’ve always been a baby person, and my boyfriend always gets mad because, “babies love you more than they love me.” It’s my calling- especially because my mom used to run a daycare when I was in middle school. However, I never thought I would be a mom this soon in my life. I had plans like everyone else. I wanted to graduate, and get married, and travel the world, and then have a family. But life never really goes the way you “plan it,” does it? And today, I can honestly say I’m okay with it because I know things happen for a reason and whatever comes my way I will take control and handle it… As a mother. Having this happen at this point in my life is truly a blessing in disguise; it’s motivated me to continue pushing for a career- I’m loading up on 5 classes in the Fall, 3 classes in the Winter (which, I’ll have the baby during midterms), and finish off strong with 3 classes in the Spring and graduate in June of 2017 with my Bachelor’s in English Literature. So, thank you, baby… For pushing me to be the woman I’ve always wanted to be. I am more motivated than I’ve ever been in my life, and it’s all for the future of my child.

I want this especially to show my child that no matter what people might say, or what people might think, you can always do what makes you happy even if all odds are against you. I will be able to tell this story to my child with confidence and pride… That I had a baby during a time that no one thought was possibly.

At just three-months, it’s been stressful. I have no control over what happens to my child as it “bakes,” and I officially have no control over my own body anymore. But I’m excited for this journey, and I’m excited to share the good, bad, sad, and happy times of it all. Ready for this roller coaster ride…. No, seriously, these hormones are so up and down- help!


Asher Who?

Not sure which college Asher Roth attended when he wrote his song, “I Love College,” because, man, my college experience is nothing like his song. 
Sometimes it’s hard and you get discouraged as an adult still attending college. I find myself 6 years down the road and barely considered a college junior. From community college to transferring to a university, my life seems be moving at such a slow pace. Sometimes I question my paths and sometimes I want to give up. I think about how hard I’ve worked to make my parents proud, until I finally realize I need to do this for myself. I live a life full of obstacles and roller coaster emotions but I’m proud of how far I’ve come. And as many times as I continue to fall, I will always pick myself back up until I’ve reached that finish line. 

PSA On Chubs

So the diet didn’t go as planned, as always. And here I am ready to start again “on Monday..” We’ll see! Actually getting sick of Diet Coke so hoping this time around is going to be better.. Because that hasn’t happened in a really long time

Trying to figure out which waters are going to keep me off the Diet Coke train. So far, today, I’ve tried: strawberries, mint, cucumber, and lime… Definitely my favorite water mix I’ve tried thus far. Other favorites are cucumber, lime, and lemon; raspberry, grapefruit, and lemon.

Wish me luck… One last time. Happy Fri-yay!

A skinny-fat girl’s journey to being fit.

I’ll start on Monday…

Every mid-week/weekend, I use the phrase “I’ll start on Monday” when it comes to working out and eating right. I’m one of those girls whose body weight fluctuates a little too drastically. So, here I am, writing about this experience in the hopes that it will actually do something for me. My journey is out there for everyone to read and hold me accountable for what I eat and how I exercise.

As women, we hardly ever start the working-out routine without some type of motivation behind it. I say hardly ever rather than never, because there are women out there that actually care about their health and appearance daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. The motivation can come from a break-up, vacation, music festival (HELLOOOO COACHELLA!!), or simply just not being able to fit comfortably in your favorite jeans anymore- or any jeans for that matter. Getting on the fit train becomes difficult when the train ticket heads straight towards the food court- HOW DO YOU FIND ANYTHING HEALTHY TO EAT?!?!

I’m that girl who goes SUPER HARD in the gym on day 1, ALMOST as excited on day 2, cuts the work out in to half the time on day 3, and stops going day 4. And I’m also that girl who, if the fitness journey doesn’t start on A MONDAY, then I guess we just have to start the following week- so hey, let’s keep being unhealthy Tuesday-Sunday because Monday’s when it really starts. I don’t know what it is that keeps me from falling off the tracks. For the love of cheeseburgers or not, I need to stop leading an unhealthy life.

So that’s why I’m here… Here I am, Monday night- squats, check; abs, check; healthy dinner, check; no Diet Coke, check!!!! (this is probably the biggest accomplishment). I’m just hoping from the amount of disgust I feel in my body, I can finally keep this going. So get ready, because it’s about to get real. Start- 137ish lbs; finishing goal- 117ish lbs.

& PS. For all you girls/women who are already skinny (I mean with like actual, visible abs and shit), stop making the rest of us who are truly unhappy with their looks feel less shitty… Please. You look great, and that’s amazing you want to continue being healthy and fit, but let the rest of us catch up before you start calling yourself fat when the rest of us can only fit into the 13 pairs of leggings in our closet because anything with a button is out of the question. Excited to see how this ends, because writing about this has definitely added some pressure to finish & for that, I’m pushing.

**if you ladies have any secrets to staying on the fit and healthy track, please share. If you’re going through this as well, or have gone through this (or something similar), share your story too! We’re all on the same team and want to see each other be successful in their goals.


Monday, monday, monday.

I read something today that I found very interesting.

You don’t hate Monday, you hate your job.

This is something I think not many people think of. Everyone hates that the weekend is over, like they didn’t get what they wanted done. But, I’m sorry to be so blunt, whose fault is that? Um, yours. You’re the one stopping yourself from enjoying your “free time.” And those who say “I would like to do things I want, but I have to work.” Again, it’s your fault you’re “work” isn’t something you love. If you don’t see yourself doing this job for the rest of your life, why are you there? Why are you wasting what precious time you have in this life somewhere you’re miserable? Yes, you may be getting your career figured out by going to school, but thankfully for us we live in a world of opportunity: internships and the power of marketing. Market what you do in your free time to make it your career so you can finally quit your job and solely focus on that one thing you love. Take an internship to whatever you plan on doing in the future, the opportunities are there, you’re just not looking hard enough. Be someone who’s Monday is their Friday. Hell, be someone who doesn’t even know what day of the week it is because life is just that good.

VDAY 2k16

This years Valentines Day photos definitely have to be one of my favorite shoots so far. As a freelance photographer, I’m always looking for DIY projects and anything to capture. Thank to both my sister and my sister-in-law for the beautiful models, my niece and nephew. Also thank you to everyone who puts up with my crazy ideas, helps me do whatever it takes to get the perfect pictures, and supports me no matter what. Little by little, I love my work and what I do more and more; and it’s all because I have a great support system. Ready for more DIY projects and 2016 photoshoots!