There comes a time and place in our lives where we realize exactly what we want in life. However, sometimes that moment of realization is happening at the worst times. It’s sad to think that we as humans don’t realize what we have until it could potentially be gone. If there is something in your life that’s important to you, something you can’t possibly imagine your life without, don’t wait until the moment it’s gone to realize “this is it.” If “this is it” for you, cherish it. Appreciate it. Don’t take one day for granted. Show yourself and those around you that you love this. We are all imperfect, and we all mess up- God made us with flaws to test our love and strength. Be wise, be cautious, and don’t let the things you love the most slip through your fingers. We get one chance at life, and I wouldn’t want to live it without you. 

be you. 

Be witty, and smart, and beautiful, confident, and courageous. Aim high and aim low. Reach for the better things in life because you deserve them, and duck and dodge the things you don’t. Do more for yourself instead of those around you. The root to all happiness starts with YOU. YOU need to find happiness in yourself, in making yourself happy, before you start to please others. Be all of these things that don’t “seem” like you. Try something new. Travel the world and keep the good people around you- and get rid of those who don’t contribute to your happiness. Don’t rely on anyone else to help you accomplish your success, because, then, it’s less rewarding. Find adventures and activities that are relaxing and challenging. And then continue to challenge yourself to find a better, happier you. You are a beautiful person inside and out. Show the world how lucky they are to have your strength and beauty in its presence. 


First I’d like to apologize for my absence in these past few weeks- life just gets the best of you sometimes that you just can’t keep up. But here I am, trying! I’m taking responsibility for not tending to something that is very important to me. Respect yourself and the things you love/things that are important to you. Own up to your mistakes and take responsibility. Get your priorities together and take charge. Accept that you’re not super woman or super man and that you can’t control and handle everything, but accept it and do your best. Life isn’t just rainbows and smiles and all things happy- things get serious and challenging so that you can prove to yourself how strong you really are. Don’t give up, blame other people, and continue the same pattern. Learn from what goes well and what doesn’t. Change the things that suck and find ways to make the good things even better. 

Be Proud of Yourself.

It’ll all be worth it in the end, right? Life is all about making the most of things. Homework can stress you out; work can stress you out; life can stress you out. But you need to look at the positive side of things at the end of the day. You’re healthy, you’re strong, you’re brave, courageous, and full of love. Because if you weren’t any of these things, you wouldn’t be where you are today. Take a minute to reflect on your accomplishments and the goals you’ve achieved, rather than taking a moment to think about what needs to be done next. Give yourself a pat on the back instead of a kick in the butt. Most people aren’t where you are today. Granted, you want more for yourself, but you need to give yourself the credit it deserves for coming this far along. Life throws all kinds of curve balls, slow pitches, and fast balls at you. Get up to the plate, and dominate- just like you’ve been doing. You are the cause of your own stress, because you are the person that continuously puts the pressure on yourself that you don’t need. You know very well what is going to make you happy, so just go for it… But don’t kill yourself over it. Be proud of who you are because you’ve done a good job thus far.

Love Your Work

First, I’d like to start out by saying I’m sorry for my lack of posts in the recent weeks; my schedule has been beyond crazy. Sure, I’ve had a few minutes here and there that I could have squeezed in a post, but then it would have been forced. When I blog or when I “write” I like for it to come naturally, something that actually means something to me, or something that’s happening in that moment in my life that could potentially be happening to others. But here I am, sitting at school, attempting to study for what feels like the midterm of my life, and all I can think about it blogging. Crazy, isn’t it? How someone can love something so much? And I’m not talking about how I love blogging, I’m talking about how I love writing. I’m lucky enough to have found something I’m passionate about; and that’s what life really is, isn’t it? Finding something you love and turning it into a career? As an English major I have a love/hate for reading and writing. I hate that in school I’m forced to do, yet when I’m not doing either of the two, I find myself yearning for it (hence, reasons why I started a blog). and It’s funny because it’s not only with English that people are like this, and it’s not only me that’s like this; people feel this way about so many things. For example, you can be an accounting major and hate every minute of it while you’re in class, but you think about your future as an accountant and it all seems worth it. Same for business majors. You stress yourselves out, pull your hair out doing presentations and papers; yet you have so many ideas and visions that it makes you excited to put it all to the test in your future. That’s what life is, finding something you love and running with it, turning it into something magical, something you’re passionate about. Hate it now and love it later; turn your hard work into something you can’t live without.

New Week- I Appreciate You

I never really tell you that I appreciate you. So here it is:

I appreciate that you support me
I appreciate that you believe in me
I appreciate the smiles you bring me
I appreciate that even though life gets tough and our roads begin to go their separate ways you always stick by my side and bring us back together
I appreciate the love that’s given to me
I appreciate the strength you give me
I appreciate the knowledge I gain from having you around
I appreciate the friendship we’ve created
I appreciate your loyalty
And most of all, I appreciate you

There are people we come across in our lives that we don’t really show appreciation for. That’s because they’re part of us, and we don’t naturally applaud and appreciate things about ourselves and things within our lives. Appreciate the people who deserve it, appreciate them because they’re the reason you’re happy right now. Find that person, and cherish them forever.

New Week- Young & In Love

Being an adult sucks. Falling in love sucks. You have to know when to give someone the space they’re asking for, even if it’s the last thing you want. Life’s all about decisions and nows the time to make the hardest one of your life- do you fight, or give up. Being young and in love isn’t fair. You don’t know what your future looks like. You don’t know if this is your first love, second, or if this is the one. But if deep in your heart, you feel like you can’t and don’t want to picture your life without this person, don’t give up. Life’s no walk in the park, especially when dealing with relationships, but it’s almost always worth the fight. Prove to that special someone that you’re going to keep fighting, and going to prove them wrong by showing them you’re the one. Let this be your motivation to show them the last few years wasn’t a waste of time. Couples grow, and the individuals grow also. People make mistakes and they learn from them. Don’t be selfish. Don’t make your mistakes and not give the other person their turn to make theirs. A strong, beautiful bond is one that picks each other up, forgives, and moves forward hand-in-hand.

New Week- Busy Days

Keep yourself busy, it makes you stronger. I know when life gets tough being busy is the last thing you want. You want time to yourself; time to relax. But it’s the busiest times that make you realize how strong you are, how brave and powerful you are. No one will make your dreams come true, except for you. YOU have to be the one to work for it! YOU have to be the one to push yourself! YOU have to be the provider for your own life. The tired days become the most rewarding. The hard days become the greatest life lessons. Through the bad, there is something greater- push yourself to find that something greater; I promise you it’s there. Good things happen to good people, and the best things happen to those who deserve it, those who work for it.

What’s Perfection?

I’m not perfect, but I embrace my flaws. I’m glad I’m not perfect, because it shows that I am human. I make mistakes and I learn from them. It takes me time, but I get there. Because great things take time. Fairy tales and journeys through life hit rough patches, are roller coasters, and are never easy. I love, and I love hard. I screw up, and I screw up big. But I will never give up on anything that means something to me. I’m a pain in the rear end, but when things turn around, life is beautiful. I know what I want, and I will make it happen. I know what it takes, and I’m not stopping until I have it. You can judge me, hate me, pick on me, put me down, but I know who I am and what I’m worth… I know what I have and what I don’t want to lose.

The 20’s.

There’s no such thing as being too young to think or envision your future. Be smart and wise, and think ahead. Plan ahead. Want more. People think that because you’re in your early 20’s you’re too young to be in love, too young to know what you want, too young to start you’re real life… But they’re wrong. 20’s are the years to figure yourself out. 20’s are the years to make your mistakes, and start making the right choices. Make it happen. Prove the world wrong. Be the 20 year old that’s not expected. It’s okay to be different. It’s okay to start your life early. No such thing as too young or too old in this world… Go to college at 50. Think about what kind of house you want, or how many children you want at 20. If you’re thinking about it, and can see it, it can happen; so make it happen. Don’t listen to what people say, what people are thinking, or how YOUR actions make THEM feel. Do what you want, think how you want, and worry about how your actions make you feel.