be you. 

Be witty, and smart, and beautiful, confident, and courageous. Aim high and aim low. Reach for the better things in life because you deserve them, and duck and dodge the things you don’t. Do more for yourself instead of those around you. The root to all happiness starts with YOU. YOU need to find happiness in yourself, in making yourself happy, before you start to please others. Be all of these things that don’t “seem” like you. Try something new. Travel the world and keep the good people around you- and get rid of those who don’t contribute to your happiness. Don’t rely on anyone else to help you accomplish your success, because, then, it’s less rewarding. Find adventures and activities that are relaxing and challenging. And then continue to challenge yourself to find a better, happier you. You are a beautiful person inside and out. Show the world how lucky they are to have your strength and beauty in its presence. 

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