New Week- Settling

Sad to think that as we get older the idea of love- being in love, finding love- is going to fade away. To think that one day you’ll make a pact with yourself that in x amount of years if you don’t find anyone, you’re going to settle for what you can get. The older we get and the more we find ourselves alone isn’t an excuse to settle. And not just settling for love, but for life itself- don’t settle for anything. Give life a chance and put yourself out there. Put yourself out there for the opportunities life has to offer specifically for you. Test the waters, and if you truly love yourself, jump in and find the love you deserve. This is our one chance at life- go for it, live it, love it, and know that you deserve it all. People say, “there is always something better,” but it’s up to you to decide when that better thing becomes the best thing. And in that moment you’ll know you didn’t settle for anything less than what you deserve- and that’s the best feeling.

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