New Week- Love

Love everything. Love your life, love yourself, love your surroundings, love it all. Do whatever it is that you want to do in life, and love it. There is no one who is going to stop you and tell you that you can’t. And if there is someone that will do that to you, then you need to reevaluate who you associate yourself with. Be around people that are going to make you want to do and be a better person. Love these people and love yourself for who you are. I’ve realized that life is short, and you shouldn’t sit around and hate the things in your life and be bitter about how your life is heading, because whether you believe it or not you can change it and make it better. For me, I live everyday happy. I have a loving family, a loving support system, and I love what I do and who I am and I’m thankful for the people that have influenced and pushed me in life- allowing me to be where I am today. I know now that at any moment we could be taken from where we are in life, so I want my life here on Earth to be all I’ve ever dreamed of and more.

I’d just like to take a moment and thank anyone who has ever influenced me; by doing good and even the bad. Sometimes, it takes a sh*tty situation to make us wake up and realize that we want better for ourselves. So, thank you to everyone…. I am who I am and I love it, and so should you.

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