Red Balloons for Ryan- Pt. 2

Today, I participated in #RedBalloonsforRyan, and words cannot explain how happy it made me. For the first time since Ryan has passed, his mother posted on her Instagram yesterday saying how thankful she was for all the people who have showed her and her husband love. So today, sending red balloons into the sky made me feel like I was part of the healing process of Ryan’s parents. It blows my mind how you could fall in love and be touched by someone you never even knew; to fall in love with a little boy through pictures is unreal, so I could only imagine how loved he was by the people who did know him. My deepest condolences go out to those who were close to Ryan, especially his parents, and I’d like to give a very special Happy Mother’s Day to Jacqui. You are a strong women, and I am sure your son loved you more than you could ever imagine. But, now you have an angel looking over you, and even though his life was cut short, I’m sure he enjoyed ever minute of it with you and appreciated all the love you gave him. Rest in peace Ryan Cruz Saldana – 5.2.14

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