New Week- Goodbye Summer

Like most things, summer doesn’t last forever. Time to get up. Wake up and get your life going. The end of summer means the end of the year is near, which also means that a new year is approaching. Now, I don’t know about you, but I want to be at a different place in my life next year. And I don’t say that because my life isn’t good right now, because it is. I’m saying that because as the years pass, I want to see myself grow and reach the goals I’ve set for myself and my future. Summer is meant for cat naps on the beach and the night outs with your friends, but that shouldn’t have been an excuse to put your life on hold. And if you did, now’s your time to pick it up again and get to work. We are about to enter 2015… YEAH, 2015! Don’t you want better for yourself in the year 2015? Accomplish the goals you’ve set for 2014, and set some new ones. Finish the last quarter of 2014 right; strong, happy, and motivated. So say goodbye to summer, and say hello to fall.

Mason Kaiden

I’ve been playing around with my camera a little more, and decided to upgrade. I’ve recently purchases a Canon EOS 30D… It’s great! So, with a new toy, I obviously had to go out and play with it. What did I do? BABY SHOOT! Here are some shots I did of Mason Kaiden.

New Week- First Week of Summer

Granted, summer is supposed to be a “vacation” and a time to relax. But, let’s face reality… We’re not in high school anymore. This isn’t the little 3 month break you get between Junior and Senior year; this is real life. I’m not saying because you’ve entered adulthood that you can’t go out and have fun during summer. What I’m saying is have fun, but be responsible. You need to know how to balance the two. As sucky as it may be, “summer break” doesn’t come around once you’ve graduated and entered the real world. There are going to be times when the weather is absolutely perfect for the beach, but you have to go to work. And you know what? That’s okay. Because all of the hard work you’re putting into your life now is going to pay off. And then you won’t have to wish to have a day off to go to the beach; you’ll be able to take a week(s) off for vacation… Because you’ve earned it.

Just remember that summer doesn’t necessarily mean it’s time for fun for everyone. Because if you work hard, you’ll get “summer vacation” get-aways all year round.


Summer vacation is upon us! Well, what are you going to do? Let’s think of some fun things there are to do this summer vacation.

1. DISNEYLAND. Duh, of course it’s number one. As a Disneyland lover myself, I would probably spend at least 3 days out of the week, if not more, at the happiest place on Earth if I could. If this is something you think would be fun for you and your friends, or you and your family… GET A PASS! Totally worth it! Couple visits and you’ll realize you made the best decision of your life.

2. RAGING WATERS. A fun and relaxing way to spend your summer days- Raging Waters. The thrill of those water slides from hundreds of feet in the air, or even just hangin’ around in the lazy river. Take a trip with your friends or family, and soak up some sun in your life.

3. BEACH. Beach trips!!! Now that it’s summer, the beach weather is PERFECT. Like every day, the weather is perfect. Get together, get some snacks, a cooler with some fresh drinks, and hit the sand! – maybe even make it a whole day thing, beach then bonfire!

4. LAKE. Okay, there has to be one of your friends that has a boat. Or one of your friends, or relatives, who knows someone who knows someone who HAS. A. BOAT. Find that person, and take that boat and jet skis out to the lake!

5. Sh*t, even a pool party. Get the BBQ going, grab your friends, and set up a party. You have to have at least one day out of summer to get together with your friends and celebrate your hard work during the school year.

No matter what you decide to do, or how you decide to spend your summer, just make sure you’re having a good time. You’ve busted your a**… You deserve a little fun in the sun. Enjoy yourself.