New Week- First Week of Summer

Granted, summer is supposed to be a “vacation” and a time to relax. But, let’s face reality… We’re not in high school anymore. This isn’t the little 3 month break you get between Junior and Senior year; this is real life. I’m not saying because you’ve entered adulthood that you can’t go out and have fun during summer. What I’m saying is have fun, but be responsible. You need to know how to balance the two. As sucky as it may be, “summer break” doesn’t come around once you’ve graduated and entered the real world. There are going to be times when the weather is absolutely perfect for the beach, but you have to go to work. And you know what? That’s okay. Because all of the hard work you’re putting into your life now is going to pay off. And then you won’t have to wish to have a day off to go to the beach; you’ll be able to take a week(s) off for vacation… Because you’ve earned it.

Just remember that summer doesn’t necessarily mean it’s time for fun for everyone. Because if you work hard, you’ll get “summer vacation” get-aways all year round.

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