New Week- Your Finish Line

Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t do it. It’s not about who’s the fastest or who’s the best. It’s not about who’s prettier or who’s smarter. Its not about who’s stronger or who’s taller. It’s about what makes you happy. If in the end you’re happy with the results, then that’s winning. Succeed at your own speed and at your own will. Everyone is built differently and everyone has different goals. Life is not a competition. Don’t ever feel threatened. If something doesn’t work and someone takes or accomplishes something before you, that doesn’t mean you need to stop and give up. It just means that there’s something better for you at your own finish line. Good things come to those who wait… And most importantly those who are humble. Be happy for the success of those around you, because the day you accomplish your own goals you’re going to want the same respect. Nothing good comes out of jealousy and envy. Be patient, but continue to grow- your finish line will come.

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