New Week- Positive Energy

Positive energy gets you a long way in the toughest situations. Crazy how your life could be falling apart, and you could be losing hope, but if you switch your attitude and find the strength and positivity it could all turn around. Now, sometimes it doesn’t turn around for the best, but I’m sure it’ll buy you a little more time. The negativity you project, and the sadness that comes along with it, makes situations seem worse, harder, and uglier. I’m not sure if you guys read the article about the LADWP worker that was electrocuted by 4,8000 volts, but that is an example of having positive energy. You could only imagine the injuries that this has caused, so I’m pleased to say that with the positivity of his family and friends in the hospital, he’s slowly regaining his strength. When things looked ugly, he knew that his family was right by his side, there for him no matter what the outcome. And going through hell these last couple of days, it’s with the positive energy around him that’s made him gather his strength to keep on fighting.

So today, if you’re not motivated, here’s a little push. This man almost lost his life by being electrocuted by THOUSANDS of volts, yet here he is, still fighting. What’s your excuse?

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