Love Your Work

First, I’d like to start out by saying I’m sorry for my lack of posts in the recent weeks; my schedule has been beyond crazy. Sure, I’ve had a few minutes here and there that I could have squeezed in a post, but then it would have been forced. When I blog or when I “write” I like for it to come naturally, something that actually means something to me, or something that’s happening in that moment in my life that could potentially be happening to others. But here I am, sitting at school, attempting to study for what feels like the midterm of my life, and all I can think about it blogging. Crazy, isn’t it? How someone can love something so much? And I’m not talking about how I love blogging, I’m talking about how I love writing. I’m lucky enough to have found something I’m passionate about; and that’s what life really is, isn’t it? Finding something you love and turning it into a career? As an English major I have a love/hate for reading and writing. I hate that in school I’m forced to do, yet when I’m not doing either of the two, I find myself yearning for it (hence, reasons why I started a blog). and It’s funny because it’s not only with English that people are like this, and it’s not only me that’s like this; people feel this way about so many things. For example, you can be an accounting major and hate every minute of it while you’re in class, but you think about your future as an accountant and it all seems worth it. Same for business majors. You stress yourselves out, pull your hair out doing presentations and papers; yet you have so many ideas and visions that it makes you excited to put it all to the test in your future. That’s what life is, finding something you love and running with it, turning it into something magical, something you’re passionate about. Hate it now and love it later; turn your hard work into something you can’t live without.

Too Young.

Way too young to be dealing with stress or anything that is going to cause me stress in the near OR distant future. 20’s are the years to be free and careless, to have fun and find who you really are. I’m all about putting your grown up pants on and making moves, but only when it comes naturally and willingly. The worst part of life is being TOLD that you have to grow up. Granted we’re all supposed to grow up sooner or later, but that doesn’t mean taking away our youth and throwing us into the deep end without knowing how to swim. Life’s about choices, I want to be able to choose to stay young, but be responsible. Life shouldn’t be hard. For anyone. Period. I just pray and look for the positivity that all of us who are working hard to give ourselves a better life, come out on top of it all- hoping the stress is worth it.

You’re Okay.

Life isn’t “life” unless you’re living happy. Work is “work” if it’s not something you love. School isn’t education unless you’re really learning. We lose friends, and we gain new ones. Our families fight, and then they get over it. Life is a never ending cycle of ups and downs; or might I say downs and ups- because no matter what negative situation we’re faced with, a positive one follows. It’s always sunny the day after it rains. So cry it out, put up with the crap you’re facing right now because once this is over, something good is coming your way. And I promise, it will end eventually and that good is on its way moments later.

New Week- Top 3 Life Helpers

Through this life we are faced with challenges, rewards, and everything in between. We encounter good people, and not so good people. But when we do find these good people and these good influences, life seems to move a little smoothly. Top 3 things to make a life a little easier.

1. Good friends.

Fine. Have a significant other, and be happy, but don’t lose your friends. Granted, if you find the right person they’ll be more than you could ever need, but you will always need your friends. Guys need to talk to guys, and girls need to talk to their girls; it’s just how it works. And the good friends are the friends that are going to accept that you can’t spend all your time partying and getting crazy, because you’re busy trying to get your life started with someone you love- and these are the type of friends that are one call away from a vent, or a game night in the man cave. Find those friends, and keep them.

2. Positive vibes.

Positive vibes in the work place, at home, at school, everywhere you are. Always surround yourself with positive thoughts and good intentions. There are things and people in this life that feed off of negativity, don’t be that person. Be the person that always has something good to say, and can create a solution to any problem. Your life will be so much simpler and happier if you could bring positivity to it every day.

3. Honesty and Trust.

Yes, these two fall together. You need to be honest with yourself and those around you to have trust. Some might think this only goes for the way you treat people; no, this goes for you too. You need to be honest with yourself to trust the moves and decisions you make in life. Be true to yourself. If you know something isn’t going to work out, or if this something isn’t what you really want in life, don’t pretend like it is. Being honest with yourself will make you feel comfortable in the world around you, and allow you to trust your instincts and not fear the obstacles in life.

New Week- Good People

Are you a good person? Really think about it. Of course we all want success for ourselves, but a good person would also want success for those around them. A good person wants to see the people they love (i.e. family and friends) to be just as successful. Don’t be selfish, don’t be rude, and don’t be jealous. There is something in store for all of us; and for each person, there is something different. No two people are the same, and no two people are going to get the same. Help those, even if they don’t help you. Care for others, even if they don’t care for you. Pray for them, even if they don’t wish well for you. The difference between you and these other people, is that good things will come to you. Be known as the person who is always happy and is genuinely a good person- people love being around individuals like this for the good energy. Bottom line is to be a good person. Help others succeed, for this is part of the success of yourself- because being true to yourself and those around you is a puzzle piece to your own success.

New Week- Pray

Pray for the people who are struggling. Pray for the people who have lost someone special to them. Pray for people who need financial help. Pray for people who need that job they just applied for. Pray for the health of someone old. Pray for the health of someone young. Trust and believe that good things come to those who wait. Trust and believe that good things come to good people. Be a good person to have good things come to you. Be the person you want to see in your children. Life will throw a million curve balls at us in life, but you should always have faith and always keep the positivity alive. Pray for others in the hopes they’ll pray for you in return- and even if they don’t, do it because you’re a good person.

New Week- Positive Energy

Positive energy gets you a long way in the toughest situations. Crazy how your life could be falling apart, and you could be losing hope, but if you switch your attitude and find the strength and positivity it could all turn around. Now, sometimes it doesn’t turn around for the best, but I’m sure it’ll buy you a little more time. The negativity you project, and the sadness that comes along with it, makes situations seem worse, harder, and uglier. I’m not sure if you guys read the article about the LADWP worker that was electrocuted by 4,8000 volts, but that is an example of having positive energy. You could only imagine the injuries that this has caused, so I’m pleased to say that with the positivity of his family and friends in the hospital, he’s slowly regaining his strength. When things looked ugly, he knew that his family was right by his side, there for him no matter what the outcome. And going through hell these last couple of days, it’s with the positive energy around him that’s made him gather his strength to keep on fighting.

So today, if you’re not motivated, here’s a little push. This man almost lost his life by being electrocuted by THOUSANDS of volts, yet here he is, still fighting. What’s your excuse?

Life Flying By

So crazy how fast life flies by. Without even realizing it minutes, hours, and days are just passing. When you’re so caught up on your career and your future, things just keep moving on. We’ve been fortunate enough to keep ourselves busy- I say fortunate because we’re blocked out and not paying attention to the tough times. Being busy makes the toughest times seem not so bad. And once you’ve climbed over that hump, it’s smooth sailing. Keep pushing yourself, keep yourself busy, and keep your head up and positivity in your life. Good things will come out of it all, guarantee.

New Week- Simplicity

We always search deep within our lives to find the things that make us happy when it’s really all so simple. We confuse situations and stress ourselves out over things that could all be so simple. Not all things are meant to be analyzed. Some things are meant to be lived in the moment and spontaneously. And other things shouldn’t take reviewing and convincing. If it feels wrong from the beginning, you probably shouldn’t do it. So stop convincing yourself that it could work or that one day it might be possible. Trust yourself. This is your one life to life, so live it freely and happily.

New Week- Positive People

Sometimes life seems unfair. But it’s not life that’s unfair, it’s about what you do with your life and who you surround yourself with. There are going to be people who come into your life and will either make you love it or hate you. But you’re the one who gets to pick and choose which ones stay. So, choose wisely. You deserve happiness just as much as any other person in this world. Surround yourself with positive energy and adventurous, fun, loving people. Because with people like this in your life, I guarantee life will play in your favor.