New Week- Pray

Pray for the people who are struggling. Pray for the people who have lost someone special to them. Pray for people who need financial help. Pray for people who need that job they just applied for. Pray for the health of someone old. Pray for the health of someone young. Trust and believe that good things come to those who wait. Trust and believe that good things come to good people. Be a good person to have good things come to you. Be the person you want to see in your children. Life will throw a million curve balls at us in life, but you should always have faith and always keep the positivity alive. Pray for others in the hopes they’ll pray for you in return- and even if they don’t, do it because you’re a good person.

Red Balloons for Ryan

I’d like to take a moment and dedicate this post to a story I read over the internet today. I’d like to not post about myself, or the images I’ve taken, or experiences I’ve encountered; But to share my prayers and share images of Ryan who was hit by a car and sent to heaven. I’m sure I speak for all of us out there when I say we are heartbroken to hear that such an adorable 3 year old was taken from his parents too soon.

(All photos are taken from Ryan’s mother’s instagram: @babyboybakery)

We are all so sorry to hear about their lose. With Mother’s Day being right around the corner, I could not image what Jacqui is feeling; to have her pride and joy taken from her so soon. No parent should have to go through this. Tomorrow is never promised, cherish the ones you love, and don’t take a minute for granted. Ryan will be missed- from just hearing the story and the images seen on the internet, Ryan has touched many hearts and is loved by people everywhere. Their family asks that we join them in remembering Ryan by reposting photos of Ryan and sharing them on your social networks. Hashtag #RedBalloonsForRyan and send words of encouragement to Ryan’s parents, for now is the time when they need all of the support and love they could have ever imagined. Let us pray and share the memories by photo… of Ryan Cruz Saldana. Rest in peace, Ryan – 5.2.2014

For more details of the story and of Ryan and his family, see