VDAY 2k16

This years Valentines Day photos definitely have to be one of my favorite shoots so far. As a freelance photographer, I’m always looking for DIY projects and anything to capture. Thank to both my sister and my sister-in-law for the beautiful models, my niece and nephew. Also thank you to everyone who puts up with my crazy ideas, helps me do whatever it takes to get the perfect pictures, and supports me no matter what. Little by little, I love my work and what I do more and more; and it’s all because I have a great support system. Ready for more DIY projects and 2016 photoshoots!

Newborn Photography

People think photography is so easy, because how hard can it be to click a button right? Wrong. It’s not just about clicking a button. You have to think about lighting. Location. Is the baby going to cry? Am I going to get lucky and have a sleeping newborn the whole time? Not likely. Sometimes it’s all really just a pain in the ass. And then there are times when you’re just like, “wow… I did that. I took that. Hell yeah!” Today I had one of those moments.. 

Please enjoy a sneak peek from today’s newborn session! 


Pintrest inspired.

As a photographer, I’m inspired by pretty much everything and anything. I want to take a picture of everything and anything- my camera is glued to me 24/7. Well, you could only imagine my excitement the moment we hit December 1st. Hello, holiday photos!! And what better opportunity do I have than having nieces and nephews to take photos of!? All I have to say is, thank you, Pintrest! Pintrest is my go-to place when I’m looking for photoshoot ideas.. So, please enjoy some of my favorites from this year’s holiday sessions as much as I enjoyed them! 

Maternity Photoshoot

Thank you to this amazing couple who let me capture this chapter in their lives as they await the arrival of their baby boy! Here are some of my favorite photos from the past weekends photoshoot. Check out the sidebar to the left later tonight to see all photos! 


first step.


The biggest step you can take, is the first step. The first step is always the hardest when trying to get back into shape. Even if it’s for ten, fifteen minutes- exercise is exercise and the sooner you take that first step the easier it’s going to be to take the second, third, and all the other steps thereafter. I’ll be the first to admit that it took me weeks, even months to take that first step. I found excuses and was never motivated enough to even walk down the street. However, thankfully I have a passion that pushes me to explore (even if it’s down the street). The thing I love to do the most is what’s made me want to be a better, healthier me. I want to take my passion further and see what’s out there in the world that I’ve been missing hiding behind my excuses. 

New Week- My Family

Life is beautiful no matter which way you look at it; when things are tough and when things are great. And sure, you’re probably thinking “why the hell would life be beautiful if it’s tough?” I’ll tell you why it’s beautiful; the most rewarding and magical moments are the ones that fall after the struggle. I’ve been fortunate enough to experience life to the fullest. The hard times, the good times, the confusing times, and the times where I couldn’t be more grateful to be alive; today was one of those days, a blessing.

Life is hardly ever the walk in the park that’s dreamt, especially when dealing with family. Family is there to get in the way, to complicate things, make your life harder, but they’re also there to make you feel the love… Which is probably why they drive you nuts. Family loves, and they love hard. They drive you crazy because they test your limits… but that’s what love is; pushing you to be all you can be. I can honestly say that’s what I grew up with, being tested. As I’m growing up I’m grateful for a not so perfect family. Growing up has been challenging, but it’s made it fun. My family has changed, and I don’t mean in their actions, I literally mean changed. I’ve created my own family, because family to me means something different than it does to other people. Blood doesn’t make you MY family. My family are the people who show me they want me to be successful and accomplish my goals, and vice versa. I promise to myself and the people that I call my family, that I will ALWAYS stand by them and push them to success, through the good and the bad times.

I will do better for my family, for my nieces and nephews, my brother and sisters, my moms and dads, and for the person who’s always giving me the tough love I’ve always needed. Thank you to the new addition to our family, Benjamin Patrick Gomez, born March 2, 2015, for the little reminder that we all have a little extra motivation to keep us moving along this year. Happy birthday, Ben!

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Hi guys! A little late I know, but today I wanted to share some photos that I’ve been taking lately. Photography is such a beautiful form of art, and it’s just something fun and something that makes me happy. So today, I just wanted to post some of my recent favorites- baby shoots! Enjoy!



















Mason Kaiden

I’ve been playing around with my camera a little more, and decided to upgrade. I’ve recently purchases a Canon EOS 30D… It’s great! So, with a new toy, I obviously had to go out and play with it. What did I do? BABY SHOOT! Here are some shots I did of Mason Kaiden.