Hm, interesting

So, I was out yesterday and I went to the restroom at the restaurant and saw the baby changing table and thought to myself, “I wonder if guy’s restrooms have changing tables?” So when my boyfriend came out of the restroom, I asked him. His response, “Some do, but not all. This one didn’t.” And I just wondered why that was. Why is it that all women’s restrooms have changing tables, but not men’s restrooms? Sure, the kids usually go to the restrooms with the mothers, but what if the mother isn’t around? What if the dad wants to have an outing with his kid, have some bonding time… Where is he supposed to change the baby? What if the mother, God forbid, passes away and now it’s the fathers responsibly to care for this child alone? He goes out somewhere and needs to change his baby, then what? Kind of sad really to think that dads can’t do some things moms can, or vise versa. Just interesting how the world around us functions and thinks.

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