New Week- Build

Lately I’ve been told “it’s time to build our empire.” And it’s true; why is that so many of us are so eager to go out and find our dream job? Why aren’t we out there creating our dream job? So many of us fear failure, but we don’t realize that that’s part of the process. You have to take the beating once in a while to show you’re worthiness. In this world there are two different types of people: The optimist- whose positive mindset and admiration for life keeps them going and pushes them forward, not wanting to settle for anything less than they’ve ever imagined possible. And then, pessimist who goes through the motions just to get by; the person who lives life just to die. Be the optimist, enjoy the beautiful gift of life and make it something you want, because you only get one chance at it all, so make it a good one.

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