New Week- Appreciate

For a second, let us detach from the “case of the Monday’s,” and let us appreciate that we’ve made it another day. Too many people are focused on the negativity in life– what’s going wrong, rather than what’s going right. Did you ever think that maybe we are dealt a hand that is meant for us to question what to do? Do we put it down and walk away? Or embrace it- put on your poker face. Our journeys through life never go as planned, and that’s what makes them so special- because it’s the obstacles and challenges we face that shape us. Push through those obstacles, and conquer those challenges. Learn and make the necessary adjustments to reach your goals you set out to seek from the beginning. We were meant to be in this imperfect world to create our own perfect life- so grow and build, you might like what you see.

Local Hike

Here’s another one for the hikers! Mt. Wilson is a great and fun hike for those that are really trying to get a good work out in. Make sure to have a quick and light bite to eat before enduring this hike. Majority of the hike is incline with rocks and steps along the way, so you’re really working and pushing yourself all the way up. To the first water, it’s 1.5 miles. Once you’ve reached this point, you can walk down a ways and come to a really cool and relaxing little river. A lot of people like to bring their pets and let them run around the water, so this hike is very pet friendly!

 photo IMG_7849_zps920f2543.jpg

To the very top of Mt. Wilson, it’s about 7 miles; therefore, a total of 14 miles. 7 up, and 7 down. Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten that far, but hopefully soon!

Either before or after, you should really check out the what-used-to-be “Lizzie’s Trail Inn.”

 photo IMG_7863_zpse88636af.jpg

In this cute little place there are so many historical pictures and articles about Mt. Wilson and the city of Sierra Madre itself. It’s a great little spot to stop by after a hike just to see how the trails started and what it was like from the beginning.

 photo IMG_7858_zps67a598ca.jpg

 photo IMG_7859_zps66c045d6.jpg

 photo IMG_7861_zpsa478678e.jpg

 photo IMG_7862_zps894752e6.jpg


Life is like a puzzle: if we lose pieces along the way, it will never be complete.  As we enter a new week, let us take a moment to appreciate what we have. Let us not be distracted through our journey for what we strive for by pride and self-esteem. Only you can decide what makes you happy. Whether it be with the person you love, your work place, the paths you decide to take. Ultimately, you are the one that chooses how you envision your life, and only you can take the first step in heading that direction.



April 13, 2014, Down and Dirty Mud Run is coming to Los Angeles! As of now, 3 mile race is $65, 6 miles: $75. Prices go up $5 after March 24, 2014. The race includes 20+ obstacles, a fun challenge, and more! If you’re looking for a fun way to spend time with family and friends, create a team and sign up before it’s too late!

Life’s a Beach


For all the hikers: tried something new a couple of weeks ago; beach hike in Palos Verdes. Not much of a “kicked my ass” type of hike, but the scenery was definitely mind blowing. Very peaceful and relaxing. And for the surfers out there, the perfect amount of space!