New Week- One Life

Life never seems fair, really. You work too hard. You try too hard. You love too hard. And then it all feels like you did it for nothing. But you’re wrong, it was for something. For the sake of pushing yourself and bettering yourself as a human being. For making yourself feel worthy and strong enough. You can stress yourself out by juggling a million things at a time, or take things at a slow, steady pace and make it the best you can… all while being happy. Be a lover of life, not someone who hates every moment of it. The only thing we have in this life is the freedom to be happy and be who we are. Don’t let it go to waste because you think you need to kill yourself tryna play the game. You’re smart, you’re strong, and you’re great. Let it shine, and embrace the one life you’ve got. 

New Week- Reflect

As we reach the final month of 2014, let us reflect; reflect on both the good and the bad. Think about all the good that has happened to you and your loved ones this year, and also think about the bad. Did it make you stronger? Did you learn from it? Learning from your mistakes has to be one of the best forms of education. Learning from something you’ve done makes it stick. The people who’ve done you wrong, you learn to not trust as easily and look out for yourself. The job you quit, you’ve learned what type of career you want for yourself. And through all the good, you carry on the positivity and the lifestyle that comes along with it. As we enter the last stretch, choose what you want to take into 2015 and what you want to leave back in 2014. Reflect and learn; a lot happens in a year.

New Week- Top 3 Life Helpers

Through this life we are faced with challenges, rewards, and everything in between. We encounter good people, and not so good people. But when we do find these good people and these good influences, life seems to move a little smoothly. Top 3 things to make a life a little easier.

1. Good friends.

Fine. Have a significant other, and be happy, but don’t lose your friends. Granted, if you find the right person they’ll be more than you could ever need, but you will always need your friends. Guys need to talk to guys, and girls need to talk to their girls; it’s just how it works. And the good friends are the friends that are going to accept that you can’t spend all your time partying and getting crazy, because you’re busy trying to get your life started with someone you love- and these are the type of friends that are one call away from a vent, or a game night in the man cave. Find those friends, and keep them.

2. Positive vibes.

Positive vibes in the work place, at home, at school, everywhere you are. Always surround yourself with positive thoughts and good intentions. There are things and people in this life that feed off of negativity, don’t be that person. Be the person that always has something good to say, and can create a solution to any problem. Your life will be so much simpler and happier if you could bring positivity to it every day.

3. Honesty and Trust.

Yes, these two fall together. You need to be honest with yourself and those around you to have trust. Some might think this only goes for the way you treat people; no, this goes for you too. You need to be honest with yourself to trust the moves and decisions you make in life. Be true to yourself. If you know something isn’t going to work out, or if this something isn’t what you really want in life, don’t pretend like it is. Being honest with yourself will make you feel comfortable in the world around you, and allow you to trust your instincts and not fear the obstacles in life.


Be bold, be positive, and be humble. Be kind to those who deserve it, and even the ones who don’t. Be known as the person who’s always happy. Show no fear, but only strength. Grow as a person, as a friend, as a lover, and as a loved one. Be all you can be and more. When the going gets tough, push back and take charge. Be a leader and not a follower. Be a lover of life and all that’s around. Moral of it all is to be a good person. People love good souls surrounding them. And the people who act like they don’t, show jealousy. Be that person that people are jealous of, but be humble, because the people who bring out the jealousy in others are the people that are living life right.

New Week- Positive People

Sometimes life seems unfair. But it’s not life that’s unfair, it’s about what you do with your life and who you surround yourself with. There are going to be people who come into your life and will either make you love it or hate you. But you’re the one who gets to pick and choose which ones stay. So, choose wisely. You deserve happiness just as much as any other person in this world. Surround yourself with positive energy and adventurous, fun, loving people. Because with people like this in your life, I guarantee life will play in your favor.