New Week- 2015

Happy New Years everyone! As we’ve entered the new year, everyone’s mentality is “new year, new me;” however, let’s not forget about the old you either. People look for any excuse to change who they are, and that’s good, change and motivation is good- but change isn’t everything. That job you hated and quit because you thought it was a waste of time, lesson learned.. It helped you realize that’s not the field you want your career in. That boyfriend or girlfriend you broke up with because it was a waste of time, showed you what not to do in your next relationship. The body you so desperately want to leave behind in 2014, is the reason you’re pushing for a healthier lifestyle. Just because things seem bad, or seem like a waste of time, doesn’t mean they are. Most of the things we hate most in life are our most valuable lessons. Stay motivated, but remember who you are- the old, and the new.

New Week- Reflect

As we reach the final month of 2014, let us reflect; reflect on both the good and the bad. Think about all the good that has happened to you and your loved ones this year, and also think about the bad. Did it make you stronger? Did you learn from it? Learning from your mistakes has to be one of the best forms of education. Learning from something you’ve done makes it stick. The people who’ve done you wrong, you learn to not trust as easily and look out for yourself. The job you quit, you’ve learned what type of career you want for yourself. And through all the good, you carry on the positivity and the lifestyle that comes along with it. As we enter the last stretch, choose what you want to take into 2015 and what you want to leave back in 2014. Reflect and learn; a lot happens in a year.