All Play, No Work. 

Life’s crazy, really. We live to work and work to live. Where would you be without work? Broke sleeping in the streets somewhere? Yet the people who do work, spend their days working to make a living that they never get to enjoy the little things in life; like going on spontaneous beach trip on a hot, sunny day. Why is it that we bust our backs trying to get it together just to work? Go to school, get a degree, get multiple degrees, for what? To work? I don’t think so. Be the person that busts their backs in life for themselves, to not have to “work.” Get a degree(s) to be your own boss, to live instead of work. Trust in yourself to make the right decisions, to be a person who lives life happily, not a person who lives life working. We only get one life; spend it with someone you love, spend it being happy, spend it doing things that make you grateful and appreciative. 

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