Blessed to have a life full of flaws…

Work is never fun, but I’m thankful I have a job.

My relationship isn’t perfect, but I’m with the person I love.

My skin isn’t flawless, but I embrace the skin I’m in.

School gives me headaches, but I’m fortunate enough to be given an education.

My friends come and go, but God’s left the right ones by my side.

In this life nothing is easy, nothing is fun, and everything has it’s ups and downs. But sometimes we’re so caught up in this life that we forget to give thanks and look around once in a while at the things in our life. I’m not perfect and I’m never going to be perfect- I live in an imperfect world. My world revolves around keeping busy. My world revolves around people buried in their technology trying to find a way to get ahead of life, even if it’s just one step ahead. My world drives me crazy and sometimes I don’t know if I’m living it right.. But you know what? That’s life. Life is trying to figure things out; life is doing things the wrong way so we can learn to do things the right way; life is full of flaws. But behind all the flaws in this world, I’m thankful and I’m blessed.

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