Personal Thursdays

It’s crazy how encouraged college is. Can’t get a job without a bachelors, some even a masters. And even if you spend all of your time busting your a** trying to get these degrees, getting a job after graduation isn’t guaranteed. We spend all of this time, and especially MONEY, for what? To get the sh*tty end of the stick and be stuck with nothing? If it’s so encouraged to get a higher education, why is it so difficult for us to put that education and hard work to use? It just makes you question it all. Is it really worth it?

New Week- Change

So much is happening at one time. Everything is going by too fast and you’re frustrated because there’s nothing you can do about it. You can’t stop time and you can’t go back in time and change things. Well, that’s life. You get so caught up in your life and the people surrounding you that you forget you’re even working. Yeah, working. Life is like a real job. Always doing something to benefit you and your family/future family. It’s just all so crazy. Did you think as a little kid this is what your life would be like at your age? Cause I sure as hell didn’t. But you know what? It’s a good thing. I think the struggles, adventures, and lessons learned are what make us into who we wanted to be as we get older. Now, maybe some of you right now aren’t where you want to be. But, this is your test. To see how much you can handle. And after the storm, comes the calm. So have patience, have faith, and have fun. Life truly works in mysterious ways- And I’m not a religious person, but I believe that God has a plan for all of us. So let’s take it day by day, work hard for what we want, and be ready for change.

Life Flying By

So crazy how fast life flies by. Without even realizing it minutes, hours, and days are just passing. When you’re so caught up on your career and your future, things just keep moving on. We’ve been fortunate enough to keep ourselves busy- I say fortunate because we’re blocked out and not paying attention to the tough times. Being busy makes the toughest times seem not so bad. And once you’ve climbed over that hump, it’s smooth sailing. Keep pushing yourself, keep yourself busy, and keep your head up and positivity in your life. Good things will come out of it all, guarantee.

New Week- Goodbye Summer

Like most things, summer doesn’t last forever. Time to get up. Wake up and get your life going. The end of summer means the end of the year is near, which also means that a new year is approaching. Now, I don’t know about you, but I want to be at a different place in my life next year. And I don’t say that because my life isn’t good right now, because it is. I’m saying that because as the years pass, I want to see myself grow and reach the goals I’ve set for myself and my future. Summer is meant for cat naps on the beach and the night outs with your friends, but that shouldn’t have been an excuse to put your life on hold. And if you did, now’s your time to pick it up again and get to work. We are about to enter 2015… YEAH, 2015! Don’t you want better for yourself in the year 2015? Accomplish the goals you’ve set for 2014, and set some new ones. Finish the last quarter of 2014 right; strong, happy, and motivated. So say goodbye to summer, and say hello to fall.


So, while talking with a friend, we realized that technology plays a big part in relationships- mainly a negative part, might I add. I can’t speak for males, but I can speak for myself. And when I speak for myself, I’ve realized I’m also speaking for a lot of females. Before technology, dating was so simple. You just got to know someone. They’d call your house phone, or just show up. Now, us girls find ourselves constantly checking our phones for that call, text, tweet, instagram tag, email, ANYTHING. And it just drives us insane. While talking to my friend, she said, “I’ve never in my life felt this crazy. Who needs FBI’s when you can just hire a jealous girlfriend.” How true is that? Jealous girlfriends are the perfect PI’s and that’s so scary because it’s technology that has pushed us to be this way. No matter how hard we don’t want to be this way, it just happens. You’re either driving yourself crazy trying to NOT look at your phone, or driving yourself crazy looking at it and waiting. The saddest part of the whole thing is that things will never be the way they were before technology. In fact, it’s only going to get worse. Technology is advancing every single day, it’s not decreasing. And even if you TRY to not use technology, you just can’t- it’s taken over everything… It’s taken over our lives and ruining the good things.

New Week- Settling

Sad to think that as we get older the idea of love- being in love, finding love- is going to fade away. To think that one day you’ll make a pact with yourself that in x amount of years if you don’t find anyone, you’re going to settle for what you can get. The older we get and the more we find ourselves alone isn’t an excuse to settle. And not just settling for love, but for life itself- don’t settle for anything. Give life a chance and put yourself out there. Put yourself out there for the opportunities life has to offer specifically for you. Test the waters, and if you truly love yourself, jump in and find the love you deserve. This is our one chance at life- go for it, live it, love it, and know that you deserve it all. People say, “there is always something better,” but it’s up to you to decide when that better thing becomes the best thing. And in that moment you’ll know you didn’t settle for anything less than what you deserve- and that’s the best feeling.

Growing Up

Well, there’s only going up from here- age that is. And as you age, things and people go different ways. Let’s appreciate what we have at this age, in this moment, right now. Whether it be family, friends, careers, anything.. Appreciate it. Because as you get older, those things and those people might not be there. Life is forever changing. You don’t get to choose who goes and who stays, it just happens. Live in the moment with the people you love and care about because one day, it might be gone.